Simple Tomato and Basil pasta sauce

This recipe harks back to dark University days, where a frantic scramble at the back of the cupboards would  ensue before the long-awaited pay day. Still, it tastes divine, especially with the modern updates of organic chopped tomatoes and a dash of maple syrup. A quicker, simpler dish was never to be found.

Tomato and basil pasta sauce

Serves One


1/2 can organic chopped tomatoes (I used Biona)

1/2 can of water, used to rinse the tin

salt and pepper

dried basil

1 tsp tomato puree (dissolve it in the can when you rinse it)

sweetener (I used the tiniest amount of maple syrup, but feel free to use Truvia or just conventional sugar. Use only a dash!)

80g brown rice spaghetti


1) Put your spaghetti in a large pan of boiling water to cook, taking care to stir frequently to stop the strands sticking together.

2) Meanwhile, add all the sauce ingredients to a small pan and set over a low-medium heat. It will simmer quite happily whilst the spaghetti cooks and thicken up in its own time.

3) Drain the spaghetti, pour the sauce on top, stir, serve, dig in and don’t forget to slurp up the ends as you go!



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