My experience with sugar addiction

For the past, well, let’s say two weeks, I’ve drastically cut down on my refined sugar consumption. I was no longer eating milk chocolate, sweets were a thing of the past, and I had even cut down on eating bread and yoghurt, key culprits in the hidden sugar line up. But when I was at work earlier this week, the clock was ticking towards lunch time so slowly and there in front of me, glinting like jewels, were fruit pastilles. Three were scoffed in quick succession, a purple, a green and an orange. How delightfully squishy they were, insanely sweet, with the sugar dissolving on my tongue in an instant. I could easily last until lunch time thanks to my boost.

But when lunch time finally arrived, my box of quinoa and veggies didn’t satiate me like it had done during previous shifts. I inhaled my apple and Brazil nuts that were also tucked into my lunch box. Barely two hours had gone by before I felt hungry once more – how could that be?

Home to carrots and houmous, then plums, then an apple, then I even looked at the cereal box before deciding enough was enough. But I wasn’t satisfied, the need to feast was strong. I felt weepy, tired, cross and excitable, all in less than four minutes. The evening ended with a takeaway pizza and most of a tub of lethal Ben and Jerry’s Caramel Chew Chew.


When you have regularly indulged in sugary products for most of your life, you don’t tend to notice how it affects you. But by taking a step back from consuming sugar, then have it rudely interrupt your new lifestyle, the difference in attitude is stark and unnerving. Although at the time I certainly enjoyed each spoonful of ice cream, it won’t be a behaviour that is repeated. I am all about balance, within the mind and the body and ice cream can be good for the soul. But that’s the last time I nibble sweets at work, unless I’m willing to endure the consequences. Are you addicted to sugar?


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