Equilibrium; Why do we strive for a healthy lifestyle?

Healthy food is all the rage, up to the minute, down with the kids sort of stuff. It’s everywhere. There is a snowball approach occurring right now with more and more people joining in with eating in balance, whether coming from a Paleo direction, or from the Vegan side, or even people like me, who are in the middle and scoffing everything from both camps! I love it. I love that people are becoming aware of how beneficial exercise is and how all these cool mindful trends keep appearing, like meditating on the commute or adult colouring. This is all stuff that deserves two big thumbs up.


Perspective does need to feature in this wonderful, holistic life we’re all signing up for. I was watching a programme recently entitled How to live to be 100. I was so into it. I kept thinking of ways I could adapt the approaches being discussed into my own life, all the active steps I could take to live even longer. I interrupted myself with a scary thought; you could spend your entire life trying to lead a long life. What? That’s a paradox if ever I saw one. The age to which you live has no controllable factors, it’s a saved date in the diary. Sure, you can stay within a healthy weight range and avoid dangerous pursuits, but overall, something going to get you eventually. That’s the name of the game.

If your motivation for taking steps towards a more balanced, healthy lifestyle is going to benefit your general wellbeing, then please march on. Like, I want to get fitter so I can dance with my wife, or, I want to eat better so I have more energy to play with my children, that is so good. But don’t make it your entire life’s work. I was in danger of becoming obsessive over what I was eating, analysing the benefits of my food at every meal. It’s cool now. I eat my vegetables and my good fats and my complex carbs, but I will always have chocolate every day and share a bottle of wine with the chap on a Sunday. As hard as it is for me to say, there is more to life than food.


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