A vague manifesto

I’ve always been a bit of a thinker. The chap declares I worry too much, but my thoughts are not always of the anxious kind. Sometimes, I just like to think. Normally, the big thoughts arrive in my brain late at night, and I end up arguing the two sides of a philosophical debate at one o’ clock in the morning. 

I know what you’re thinking – a bit heavy for a little blog about recipes. But my thoughts recently have taken a more personal stance and I am constantly thinking about what I want from life. And sure as eggs are eggs, I want more recipes and more food in my life. Food is my passion and my hope for the future is that it becomes my career. 

But taking it to the next level, the biggest wish in my heart is for my love of food to help other people. I keep wondering if it’s possible to combine my career dreams in such a way that also benefits others. I want to aid those suffering the effects of food poverty. I want to join the fight against obesity. I want to create dishes that are made from real, honest-to-goodness ingredients in order to pull people away from the darkness of corporate foodstuffs and into the nutritional light. Am I pretentious? Am I in denial? 

Food is all I know, and I hope to add to my knowledge in the not too distant future. Big changes are so close, so tantilisingly close and I for one can’t wait for them to take place. Perhaps with a bit more wisdom under my belt, I might feel more capable to chase my dreams. For now, it’s back to the kitchen.


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