How to stop dieting

If I was a dictator, a nice one mind, I would make dieting illegal. I would put a stop to the nonsense as soon as I could, stop the everlasting cycle of calories in, guilt complexes, inferior thoughts, sweating it out and the horrible sadness that comes with not feeling good enough. Begone! Sadly, (wait, what?) I am not a dictator, so a few ramblings in the hope that this will make someone feel better is all I can do. 

Three is an excellent number, magic in fact, so let’s count it out to three. Here is how (in my mind) you can learn to stop dieting.

1) Do not look at famous actresses and compare your lives in any way. For better or worse, their whole life revolves around how they look and they have so much support and money thrown their way to help them. You have a full time job and other interests to pursue. Of course you want to look good and feel happy, but there is more to life than a flat stomach. Like chips at 1am and splitting a bittle of wine with your bestie.

2) Do not be led to believe that a single foodstuff will cure you instantaneously and make all your dreams come true. Nope. Goji berries, maca powder, blackcurrants – you could spend a fortune on this stuff and never lose an ounce if you don’t introduce balance into your life. I’m all about balance. Green smoothie for breakfast. Takeaway pizza for dinner. All the goodness, whether its for the body or for the soul, is so great for keeping your eating in a middling state of balance.

3) Do not undertake exercise as a form of punishment. Exercise is so so so good for you, from the inside out. It helps your heart and your lungs and all the little fuzzy bits in between. So finding a type of exercise you love and want to do is super important for your overall health. Take yourself away from the mindset of “I ate a piece of cake so now I have to crawl to the top of the Stairmaster” It’s more like, I’m going to go for a jog this morning so I can feel like a gazelle gliding across the park and wear cute my pink t-shirt. (On Wednesdays) 

I hope this reaches someone far into the internet who is maybe feeling a bit shitty and is thinking of starting their next diet and just wants something to work. I’m not a genie either, I’m not in the business of miracles, but these are things I wish someone had told me four years ago. What would you have told yourself before the dreaded dieting began?


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