Frugal food challenge

During my time at University, I was an avid follower of several frugal or thrifty minded blogs. I devoured all their hints and tips in an effort to save money and live simply and still enjoy myself. All that information has stayed with me since graduating and funding my own independent lifestyle. Since the chap moved in, there has been less of an urgent need to be frugal, but it is still a good housekeeping practice to save money for the more important things in life, like wine. 

But as our trip sneaks ever closer, I’ve been thinking more about money and how not to waste a single coin. In an effort to save a little bit extra for Christmas (it’s December, it’s allowed now), I’ve set myself a challenge. I gathered up all the change in the house. I raided piggy banks, purses and the chap’s own change pot. I added it all up and discovered we had £33.48!! That was including £2.50 worth of Nectar points too. That’s more than enough to see us through this week, as we are barely working. This week also features the chap’s birthday, the expense of which will be provided by another source, naturally.

I pottered along  to the bank to change up the pennies and add a shiny two pound coin to my collection. Then it was off to the supermarket. I don’t feel embarassed to hand over large amounts of coins to the cashier, but I did opt to use the self service machines to save time. I came back with a very decent haul. 

This little lot cost us £18.91 in total, with use of coupons and points too. I have just recounted my purses to find we have ££11.07 left to spend during the week. That should be plenty for extra fruit, vegetables and milk when we require it. 

I like doing challenges because it reminds you about the simple things in life and which items are truly necessary, and which are just nice to have. It’s a good way to start saving for your own travelling adventure. Hunt for all the loose change in your house and put the money you would have spent on groceries into savings. What are your best tips for saving money? How do you find bargains at the supermarket?


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