Frugal food challenge part two

So we survived the week living off the change we found in the flat. And it was relatively easy, seeing as two main meals for the week were birthday related and came from a seperate budget. I still have £6.89 left to spend on odds and ends throughout this week, like bananas and almond milk and probably chocolate. 

As I was entering work to complete my final shift, I was already wondering about what I could stretch this week and how we could save money yet again. There, waiting for me in the staff room, like a gift from the heavens, was my Christmas bonus.

I couldn’t quite believe the excellence of the timing. Of course, it would have been convenient to grab some shopping as soon as my shift was over, but this grocery haul needed to be planned extensively before being executed. 

Today, I brainstormed a list of what I needed to purchase, alongside a rough price estimation. Then I took my notepad into the store, noting down what each item cost as it went into my trolley. It takes time to shop in such a manner, but when saving money is the number one objective, you make the time. When I placed the items on the checkout, I was pretty confident I was quite close to my £35 target. I came home with all this shopping (see below) for the grand some of five pence. JUST FIVE PENNIES! This will feed the chap and myself for the next two weeks, and some of it will be for a supper we are hosting at the weekend. If we can acheive this, we will have saved £80 in the last fortnight from these challenges. All the more cash for the adventure!

The only item that is organic is the pack of apples. Due to my resources and goals at the moment, I have had to cut back on the amount of organic food we purchase. That’s not to say I don’t wish otherwise, but it is simply the circumstances we find ourselves in. When we have the means, I will return to buying predominantly organic, because I believe it is better for health. 

Perhaps one of the reasons I was able to buy so much with my voucher was due to the type of food I purchased. Vegetables are not pricey, especially with the excellent Super Six offers ALDI has throughout the year. I bought parsnips, potatoes and carrots all for 39p a bag. I didn’t buy any alcohol. I stayed away from confectionary. I didn’t buy unnecessary snacks or soft drinks. I bought good, health giving food, a few Christmas bits and a couple of extras we might not normally have (like the orange juice and the poppadoms). Although you might not have vouchers to spare, I hope this gives you an idea on how to buy food for a healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank.


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