What I know about packing

1) It sucks.

2) The earlier you start, the better you will feel about life in general.

3) If you can store all of your stuff in one place, do it! We are dividing our possessions into three or four categories and it hurts my head.

4) Having so much stuff will annoy you.

5) Having so much stuff will make you feel humble and blessed.

6) You need assistance and you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for it (thanks parents!).

7) You will uncover random things in random places, and you will either be delighted or horrified.

8) You have to remember to leave out clean clothes and cutlery until the very last day, unless you want to be scrambling in the back of a jam-packed car trying to find a fork to eat mac and cheese with. 

9) Don’t forget your fridge magnets.

10) You have to keep reminding yourself that packing is a necessary hell to get to the other side. You are working towards the greater good in order to get on an aeroplane and see the world with your best beloved. You can handle heaving cardboard boxes around for a couple of days for that. 

Thus begins our last week before we fly away. And the photo below a shows a mere fraction of what I own. Guilty.



2 thoughts on “What I know about packing

  1. Your first comment is an understatement – I hate it. After nearly 4 years of not living in fixed accommodation, I have to go through the storage unit. We have twice thought we might just be able to do it, but when you open the door it is too daunting. Trouble is, you need somewhere to store the boxes and be able to go through one at a time, then re-pack and re-stack in the original unit!!! Oh yes, I forgot — we now have stuff in two places and it does my head in too.

    It really WILL be worth it for you, but I am feeling for you over this week. X


    1. Thank you so much for your support. It’s great to know someone else knows just what I’m thinking right now! We’re so close, it will definitely be worth it, it’s just about keeping my chin up until then πŸ˜„


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