Home is how you carry it

Packing a rucksack that is essentially going to hold your entire life for half a year is an interesting experience. You start by pulling out everything under the sun, things you couldn’t possibly live without, that you couldn’t bare to be separated from for any length of time. Suddenly, your backpack is overflowing before you’ve even added any clothes.

And then you take a step back. You have a little think. You watch a fair few YouTube videos on minimalist packing, the simple life and bare necessities (here they come). As if by magic, you start peeling back layer upon layer, you narrow down your list and it’s incredibly insightful to what matters most to you. I am willing to leave behind my beloved straighteners, but I couldn’t cross the globe without a sturdy notebook and a selection of pens. I do not need the entirety of my jewellery box, when  a few pairs of stud earrings will suffice. On the other hand, whilst I can shed many things from my packing list, I couldn’t live for six months without my body butter. That is my one diva moment that I shall be indulging in for this trip. 

It’s bizarre to think that all my material possessions that I effectively own all fits into a grocery box. I haven’t tried getting it into the actual bag yet, I keep adding and subtracting from the pile. But I think it’s shaping up to be a perfectly adequate selection of necessities, with a few items that are perhaps not entirely essential to existence. I shall note down what makes the final cut and share it with you all, which will hopefully offer some ideas for other aspiring travellers out there. 

We’re into the five day countdown.


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