The bags are packed

Hello friends! Here we go, my ultimate packing list. This is what I’m taking with me, as it goes into the bag. 


Short shorts . . .3/4 length running pants . . .3 pairs of lightweight jazzy trousers. . .One pair of jazzy shorts. . .One polka dot dress. . .Two bikinis. . .Three vest tops. . .One crop top . . .One long sleeved top. . .One jumper. . .Two t-shirts. . .One fleece. . .One pair of thick socks. . .Two bras. . .Five pants. . .Five socks. . .Lightweight scarf. . .Shopper bag. . .Two pairs of flip flops << Does that seem like a lot or a little to you? I’m convinced I’m taking too many items of clothing, but the chap says if it fits in the bag I might as well take it. 


Comb. . .Spare sunglasses. . .Tissues. . .Hair bands. . .Mossie spray. . .Small body butter (my one luxury!). . .Deodorant. . .Lip balm. . .Tweezers. . .Nail clippers. . .Food bags. . .A selection of simple earrings. . .Micro fibre towel. . .Money belt. . .Sandals

And not forgetting the airport bag!

Puzzle book. . .Colouring book. . .Colouring pencils. . .Ear plugs. . .iPod mini . . .Snacks (obvs). . .Hairbrush. . .Sleep mask . . .Purse. . .Passport . . .Tissues

I think I have found the correct balance between being comfortable and being practical, but really, only time will tell. I might feel the need to ditch a few clothes, or maybe pick up a few more along the way. As long as I can carry my bags myself and not feel too restricted by them, then I would have done well. 

One more sleep to go. What on earth am I doing? 

PS I’ve now repacked and taken out a few things that I can live without. Anything to decrease the weight on my back! 


2 thoughts on “The bags are packed

  1. Good list! We took way too much on our first trip and found we were always wearing the same things. The scarf/shawl was my best item, good for covering up in temples but also keep warm when they crank up the air-con on the night buses!

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