The first flight and Auckland

The less said about the hellish 32 hour journey the better. I was subjected to awful travel sickness as well as a gluten attack that struck before I had even got on the first plane. I arrived into Auckland weak and dejected; the chap said he was proud of me for carrying on like I did. 

But after a nap, crisps for dinner, a quick shower and a long night’s sleep, I was finally human again. It was a delight to go out into Auckland city this morning. It was so warm and sunny! We found breakfast swiftly then carried on towards the centre of New Zealand’s largest city. 

NB I feel the need to note that most of the pictures of my gluten free food around the world will only be posted to my Instagram (@cookinginthenook – link on the right hand side of the blog). I wouldn’t want to bore people with endless foodie pictures, so only a select few will grace these pages. 

Auckland conveys itself as a very clean city. There are many people employed to care for the city, from litter packers to park maintenance people. We even saw a team cleaning the local play park to make it pleasant for all its guests. Although we wandered round for most of the day, we didn’t particularly see any sights of significance, but the parks were dazzling. And I get the impression that New Zealand is going to be a gluten-free friendly country. We found breakfast and lunch without too much trouble, and even saw gluten-free pasta for sale in a international supermarket. 

We opted for a rice noodle dish for our first proper supper as backpackers. It surprises me what is pricey here, compared to what’s not. The red pepper we used for dinner cost way more than the punnet of blueberries that await me for tomorrows breakfast. Still, cooking for yourself always comes out cheaper in the end, so here’s what we made. 

And here is the first Nook I got to cook in, which was really not bad considering this is a youth hostel. I’ve got a feeling my next kitchen will be a lot smaller, because tomorrow, we pick up the camper van!



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