Campervan cookery

We have had five days in our charming camper van, named Zowie in honour of the passing of David Bowie. Today is the first day that the skies have covered and the rain is falling. So we have retreated into a fast food establishment in order to eat French fries and use their free wifi. Thankfully, this trip hasn’t been all about takeaway food. I think we’ve been eating nutritionally, despite having limited facilities. 

It’s taken us a couple of days to realise that meals we might consider cheap to make at home aren’t necessarily so here. For instance, a jar of curry sauce at home could cost around 80p for a jar. Here, the equivalent price is about ยฃ2. Not much, but a sizeable sum out of our food budget. The good news is that produce is generally cheaper here, with a few exceptions. So cooking from scratch is the way to go, and I know how to do that! 

Our meal last night was my favourite. I cooked up a stir fry with orange bell pepper, onion, carrot and chicken, then added fresh ginger, fresh garlic, a little chilli sauce and some set honey. It evolved into a beautiful meal, alongside some rice noodles we purchased at an international supermarket in Auckland. We learn more with each passing day, whether it’s concerning cooking or with camping. We are slowly discovering the best times for showers and occupying the kitchen. And all the way along, we are seeing stunning landscapes and gorgeous lakes and breathtaking mountains. Since I’ve recovered from the awful flight, it’s been an excellent start to the tour. 


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