The lay of the land

Hello friends, let’s continue the adventure. We have now made it onto the South Island of New Zealand and have been making our way leisurely down the west coast. When the chap first mentioned about going to NZ, I nodded along happily because he seemed very keen. On the inside, I was questioning what there would be to do and what we would see. What was  there aside from rolling hills and sheep? Well, I have learnt there are indeed sheep, plenty of them, and they make fantastic lamb dishes out of them. I have learnt that these are not hills, they are vast mountains stretching skywards and can be found round every corner. The landscapes here take your breath away because a British girl who has lived in towns and suburbs for her entire life can barely imagine such space and wilderness as far as the eye can see. It’s almost like stepping back in time, we have driven for miles and not seen a speck of any form of civilisation. There is plenty to see, so I have happily been proved wrong in that assumption. 

But as for what there is to do, it can be a mixed bag. Our hike at Tongariro was called off due to the weather, and our lack of certain equipment. Now we’ve arrived at Franz Joseph and it’s the same story. Rain has stopped play. The unfortunate thing is, if you’re not outdoors enjoying the beauty of the nature, there is not much else to occupy your days. You end up being stuck in the van, trying not to get the sheets wet every time you open the door to dash across to the loo. It’s not exactly fun.Today we have been brave, donned our ponchos and come out to see the kiwi reserve centre which was a true delight. We spent time in a specially constructed kiwi home and watched the little guys snuffle around to forage. It was honestly adorable. We stopped for lunch and a spot of Wi-Fi, but we’re currently unsure about how the rest of our day might unfold. 

As an explorer, you learn to make the best of any situation. We have water, food and shelter, and each other so we’re doing ok. A little bored perhaps, maybe restless and eagerly awaiting the return of the sun. 


3 thoughts on “The lay of the land

  1. Don’t hold your breath for better weather โ€“ rain tried to stop play several times when we visited in 2006, especially in South Island. We did a lovely boat trip on Milford Sound when it rained all day. We were told this is the only way to see it! We also had a trip to Fox Glacier cancelled because of poor weather. Enjoy your tour.

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    1. Hiya! We managed to escape the bad weather at Fox to get to beautiful Queenstown. The weather was great for the past week or so, just decided to start raining on our last night in the van – typical! I hope you are well, we head to Australia in a couple of days, can’t wait to see what Sydney is like ๐Ÿ™‚


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