The balancing world

Balance has slowly evolved to become a core belief of mine. Whenever there is an issue or a problem, thinking in terms of balance can normally restore the peace. I apply it to many areas of my life, and that hasn’t changed since I’ve been abroad. We are lucky enough to have many opportunities, but we have undertaken this journey on a budget. Together, the chap and I find a way to enjoy the most of our time here, whilst still making sure there is money in the pot. We keep our spending low on souvenirs and food, then have wonderfull days out to Milford Sound and Aoraki, amongst others. 

The same principle applies with food. I want to eat bright, colourful nutritious food but Kiwi supermarkets are not always accommodating to that, especially around lunch time. Finding a good gluten free lunch is hard enough at home, so throw in a foreign place and money restrictions and it’s a challenge and a half finding a meal. Crisps are just not good enough. Sushi has been a life saver, as have rice crackers, but I do miss quinoa and rice bowls for lunch. Again, we return to striking a balance; eating nutritious food when possible (normally at dinner) then making the best of what we’ve got at other times of day.

Balance reveals itself again when I think of home. There are certainly things I have started to miss, particular those things revolving around the kitchen, the place I love the most. I take time to remind myself that I am only travelling for such a short amount of time, when you look at the grand scheme of things. I try to see the positive in every day, even when the shared kitchens drive me insane and I’m wishing I was back in the original Nook. But I have seen mountains and rivers and lakes so blue that they defy reason. I think I can be apart from my own little kitchen for that. It’s very much worth it. 


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