The story so far

I have been travelling for a little over a month now, and have picked up more than a few insights along the way.  Travelling is all about learning. You learn more about other cultures and places, you learn to love new tastes and you learn how to adapt to new circumstances. I don’t think I’ve been away long enough to learn something new about myself, we know each other pretty well already. I never went abroad to “find myself”; I went in search of good food. 

This is what New Zealand taught me:

1) Eating crisps for lunch is only acceptable when you’re jet lagged.

2) Rubber flip flops are a god send in communal showers.

3) You must turn off the light in your camper before exiting to avoid bug invasion.

4) Kiwis are friendly folk, but not when waiting in a queue at McDonalds.

5) How to change a gas canister without setting fire to ourselves.

6) That cheap GF pasta is nasty.

7) That chilli con carne is the best food to cook on the road.

8) When chilli sauce from an Asian supermarket says mild, it’s lying. 

9) You must always stick to the path to avoid falling down a sand dune. 

10) Kiwi birds are cuddly and fluffy and I would very much like a pet one. 

New Zealand is a remarkable country with every kind of landscape and every kind of weather in it. I felt like a great explorer when hiking up the mountains and striding across swing bridges and camping out under the stars. We arrived in Sydney a couple of days ago, which has a different atmosphere. Most of New Zealnd is quiet and wild, and so far, Sydney is humming with cafes, bars, sights and wildlife. New Zealand was a perfect introduction to our adventure, but now we’re getting out the big guns. Here we are at the next chapter already – where on earth is the time going?


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