Sydney and the healthy complex

Sydney was my favourite. Maybe I shouldn’t have favourites when we are travelling through many exotic, interesting and unique destinations, but Sydney had a wavelength that truly correlated with my own. I felt almost at home wandering through its streets, trying out its restaurants and most importantly, sipping its wine. The best thing about Sydney was that it was very prepared for gluten free, and one step up from that, very well prepared for healthful, nutrient-rich gluten free food. Not an easy accomplishment. I ate well there, and even when I didn’t, that was a conscious choice to indulge in a burger with delicious sweet potato fries.

Sydney is equipped to assist those on a healthy lifestyle. The place is crammed with juice bars, gyms and plenty of whole food stores to fill up any store cupboard. The people are envy-inducing. They are tanned, toned and wearing either colour co-ordinated gym gear or other fabulous outfits. More than once in Sydney, I felt a little underdressed, which is not a situation I regularly encounter in my day to day life. Sometimes, I would feel a little jealous when a bevy of blonde beauties sidled past with their brown skin and long legs.

But then I also saw the other side of the coin when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, when it is taken to the extreme. On more than one occasion, we spotted people with gaunt faces and jutting bones. On the streets of Katoomba, I saw a woman so unwell, she was literally a walking skeleton. She was sipping on a green juice as she went by.

Whole foods are amazing. They taste great, they do great and I fill up a large portion of my daily intake with this good food, as we all should. But I won’t hesistate to chow down on a burger, or a bit of chocolate, or a frozen cola. It always comes back to balance, and Sydney, for me at least, has it all.




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