Spending a rupiah

I debated whether I should type out such a post. I normally deal with gluten free food, sometimes venturing into opinions of places or interesting things about the countries I have visited. But to be honest, I wish I had read such a post about something so day-to-day before I had gone on my great adventure. It’s not exciting, nor thrilling, but it is useful to know before your faced with it. 

We’re talking toilets. Loos. Potty stops. Bathrooms. Etc, etc. If you’re planning to go travelling in the East, I do hope the information below is helpful to you. 

1) You must carry toilet paper with you. This is a lesson for life really miss because you never know when you’re going to get caught short in the stall, even more so in South East Asia because it is not always provided. Which leads me neatly on to point two.

2) You don’t necessarily put your toilet paper down the loo. I freaked out too when this first happened to me. It’s really weird, I know, but let’s press on. If there is a bin provided, put it in the bin. If there is no bin, I’ve been putting it in the bowl because where else is it going to go? Be aware of this, because you really don’t want a blocked toilet on your hands, or all over your shoes. 

3) Carry hand sanitiser. Particularly in Indonesia, soap is watered down or often scarce. At least the hand sani will cover you until the next available basin. 

4) Squat toilets. Ew. I still haven’t quite got used to them, and in most cases when you go into the ladies, there is at least one conventional toilet, which I will always wait for. However, on a cross country train, there is no alternative. You’re drinking plenty of water because of the heat anyways, so it’s virtually impossible to go nine hours without a pit stop. I have no wisdom to offer on the method of using a squat toilet. I can only offer good luck.

So there we have it. I like to think sharing knowledge of what I experience as I tour around will be of use to someone. Does anybody have any further advice to add? Anything I need to know before Thailand and Vietnam? Please do comment below. 


2 thoughts on “Spending a rupiah

  1. I know this is an old post, but I’ve seen advice before saying to practice your balance and aim in the shower before going somewhere you know there are going to be squat toilets if you’re not accustomed to them!


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