Eating well around the world

I have been travelling for quite some time now. I love it and I adore seeing incredible things and meeting amazing people and tasting new food. But the one thing I have consistently struggled with whilst being away is control over my food.

This blog started so I could share my passion for cooking gluten free goodness on a budget. I was fine in New Zealand where we had a budget, big supermarkets and cooking facilities at every campsite. Even in Oz, we could get good GF products and plenty of fresh vegetables. However, I was very regimented in my demand for wholesome food, insisting we walk for hours just to find a good lunch.

Since being in South East Asia, I have found that my eating habits have become more erratic. I became more relaxed and allowed myself to go with the flow more with my meals. Sometimes, I ate differently due to being immersed in a different culture where my “normal” foods didn’t feature. So I would try new things, even if they were fried or heavily salted. Other times, I had to make the decision between eating unhealthy food and eating – hello KFC fries for breakfast. Then when I was desperately craving fresh food, the hygiene standards of some countries we visited, namely Cambodia and Lao, were not high enough. Vegetables are washed in stagnant water (if they’re washed at all) and soap is a relatively new concept. It would have been lovely to continually eat salads, but sadly, not particularly practical.

I have noticed more recently that I am actively choosing the unhealthiest option and that has to be stopped now. I love healthy food, I really miss having consistent access to it, which is a real blessing that I think we take for granted in the UK. Thankfully, Thailand is more advanced with its hygiene and its imported Western products. I am hoping to strike a balance between eating well for my body and being practical when it comes to eating gluten free around the world. 


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