Healthy nomad

My life as a traveller isn’t over yet! For the first time year, we are staying in the same place for longer than two weeks. We’re house sitting for the chap’s parents and have the next three weeks sorted. Ever since I got back from my travels, I’ve been moving around from place to place, seeing friends and generally getting in the way, or that’s how it can feel sometimes. But seeing people has honestly been the best part about coming home – alongside the food of course! 

Even though it’s not the easiest living situation, I thought I would share my top three tips for living a healthy lifestyle during this transitory time. 

1) Take your essentials with you. When I left my parents house to see friends, I had porridge sachets, Nakd bars and nut snack packs tucked into my bag. That way, at least I could have healthy snacks and a good start to the day whilst moving around.

2) Make room for treats. This one particularly relates to coming home after travelling, because everyone who wants to see you wants to take you out for a meal, or have you round for dinner. Personally, I don’t think food preference is an excuse for upsetting your friends, so I take what is given with a gracious smile, enjoy every bite and maybe alter my other meal choices that day to fit. For example, I had a delicious Italian dinner with a friend and I ate a gorgeous pasta dish as well as some gluten free garlic bread. I knew this meal was coming, so for lunch, I had a quinoa salad pot. As I’m always saying, it’s all about balance.

3) Don’t be embarassed to exercise. My parents teased me a little, like families do, when they saw me jumping around in my kit. But after a couple of days, they barely noticed me popping out for a run or doing an ab workout in my room. If your jam packed day with your friends doesn’t allow room for working out, then don’t worry, enjoy your social life and get back on the workout at the next available point.

Do you have any tips for eating well or exercising when you’re travelling? I would love to read your suggestions. I’m currently applying for jobs and looking for flats, so hopefully it won’t be too long before I can move into Nook 2! 


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