The first small step

As you may or may not know, I am currently in a transitioning period, somewhere between returning from travelling and settled in a new place. There has been questions asked and decisions made about my future, things like “where do I want to live?” or “what career do I want?” and even, “what do I want my life to look like?” I have pondered the last of those three questions the most. And I have come to the conclusions that I want to live an ecologically sound life, a simple, humble, back to basics life, one that has little negative effect on the earth and its creatures. 

But dramatic lifestyle change doesn’t happen overnight, especially when you’re unemployed and don’t have a home on your own. Nonetheless, I can still make small changes that will soon snowball into bigger and better things. So, step one, buy a toothbrush. A bamboo, compostable, environmentally friendly toothbrush that serves as a (twice) daily reminder of the life I want to lead. 

My next action was to cut down on my palm oil consumption. After seeing the devestating effects palm oil is having on Borneo – see this post – I wanted to take steps to reduce my own intake. I’m pleased to say that the chap agreed and we were both at Waitrose today sussing out labels on chocolate to find palm oil free versions. Luckily, both of our favourite chocolate is palm oil free so we’re on to a winner. 

His is the milk, mine is the dark

I’m not aiming for saintly levels of ethical consumerism, but if I can make a small difference just by making a few tweaks, I think it would be worth it. Any tips for an eco newbie? I’m off to search for blogs right now! 


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