Saving the rainforest, one step at a time

Receiving another rejection email this morning made me realise that I don’t have to work for an Eco charity to make a difference to the planet. I can work hard at any job AND continue to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. I think this realignment of attitude will help as I continue my job hunt.

We’ve been checking our labels for palm oil this week and here’s some products we found that contain it: 

– Cadbury’s chocolate

– Galaxy chocolate (even though it’s apparently Rainforest Alliance certified???)

– Ambrosia custard tin

– Cheap vanilla ice cream (Carte Dor vanilla contains no palm oil, so we bought that one)
Also this week, we’ve been making the most of the organic produce grown in the garden. I’ve been eating courgettes almost every day and this apple and blackberry crumble was made for the Bank Holiday weekend. 

Gluten free, palm oil free sweet treat

Another ongoing project for me is reducing the amount of cosmetic products I use. Look at this lot! Who needs this many pots and tubes? I refuse to be wasteful though, so my plan is to use them up and just not replace them.

There is a continually evolving debate about cosmetic ingredients, and how much effect they can have on your health, but as part of my desire to live a minimalistic lifestyle, I would like to cut down. It’s my birthday soon, so I’m wishing for this book.

Hopefully the recipes will be practical and useful so I can drastically reduce the amount I spend/consume on various lotions and potions. Any tips out there for natural beauty products? Blog links welcome.


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