Light at the end of the tunnel

It appears that things are finally moving in the right direction and I couldn’t be more pleased about it. This intermittent time after travelling has been tough, what with the pressure, the expectation and the huge element of unknown. But the puzzle pieces are fitting together more clearly now and it shouldn’t be long before we are settled in our new home.

Meanwhile, I am brewing ideas for future blog posts and thinking of new ways that I can use fewer resources to save the planet. I found inspiration today at an unlikely place – IKEA. I would have thought the home of mass produced, quick-fix furniture would not be the place to find sustainable items, but I was happily proved wrong. 

I picked up two glass lunchboxes for the chap and I. I know they have plastic wrap on them, but I am nowhere near perfect. They will be used for pack lunches, but also possibly carrying leftovers or street food. I think with good care, these could last a very long time. I also bought two glass soap dispensers, which I plan of refilling with shampoo and shower gel from a local wholefoods store. They have big containers that you can refill from, saving the plastic from much smaller bottles. This way of shopping also works out cheaper! 

I’m looking forward to gradually increasing my ethical, organic, sustainable purchases and decreasing the amount of plastic and packaging I rely on. At will only become easier what I have a new home, and a new Nook to play in. 


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